Hima B.


License to Pimp


Daisy, Lola, & Mariko in LICENSE TO PIMP

What would you do if your workplace became a brothel?

Would you adapt to it? Fight it? Or quit?

License To Pimp is a feature documentary about the dilemmas that 3 strippers face when they must pay for the privilege to work in strip clubs where management violate their labor rights. Filmed in San Francisco, the filmmaker (an ex-stripper) investigates the various factors that enable the strip clubs to pimp their workers and deny them basic rights that workers across America are guaranteed.

The film chronicles the choices of three strippers and the filmmaker and offers a rare & intimate window into an aspect of this industry that few are privy to. Through these women’s stories, we see the current working conditions of exotic dancers not only in San Francisco, but throughout the nation and globally as strip clubs misclassify workers and engage in illegal and unfair labor practices. We follow an under-aged immigrant teenager, a whistle blower, & a woman trying to transition out of the sex industry.

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