Hima B.


HIV Sisters


10 short documentaries; 55 minutes; 2009; USA; online new media; non-fiction; video; color; sound
Writer, Producer, Director, & Camera: Hima B.
Featuring: Aleisha, Anna, Emijah, & Violet, Cynt, Haneefa, Janice, Jai, Kryssy,Ms. M., Gina, & Wanda
Editors: Hima B., Tiffany Lawrence, Laneya Wiles, Leigh Johnson, & Manuel Climaco

In 2008, Hima B. partnered with New Jersey Women and AIDS Network to create a series of short documentaries exploring how women & girls of color are impacted by HIV/AIDS.  Ten brave African American and Latina women shared their personal stories of living with HIV and some included their partners, children, & grandchildren in showing how their loved ones are impacted by their disease.  Their stories reveal their struggles of disclosing their status, the joys of finding partners who accept them, the challenges of motherhood, overcoming substance abuse, and refusing to let the stigma associated with this virus hold them down.


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