Hima B.


How Do You Tell Somebody That You’re HIV+?


13:28 min; 2011; documentary; USA; video; color, sound;
Writer, Producer, Director, & Camera: Hima B.
Co-Editors: Tiffany Lawrence, Hima B., & Leigh Johnson
Featuring: Haneefa & Sanaya

A short documentary that follows a day in the life of Haneefa, a young African American woman who struggles to disclose that she was HIV positive to her X at the time that they conceived their daughter. Haneefa journeys to pick up refills for her AIDS medication and breaks down the exorbitant costs of her prescriptions while explaining how she is dependent on Medicaid to maintain these costs so she can stay alive.

This film is part of a larger collection of multi-media portraits of women and girls who are infected, impacted, & at risk for HIV/AIDS entitled HIV Sisters: Living Quilt



9/11          Canadian Premiere (Quebec):  Montreal International Black Film Festival 
5/11 Loveland, CO: Life Tree Film Festival
5/11 German Premiere (Berlin): Black International Cinema
4/11 Hot Docs "Doc Shop"
4/11 NYC Premiere: New Filmmakers
4/11 European Premiere (Paris): European Independent Film Festival
3/11 World Premiere (Brattleboro, VT): Women’s Film Festival

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