Hima B.


Coming Out, Coming Home: Asian and Pacific Islander Family Stories


45 minutes; 1996; USA; documentary; video; sound; color
video, 1996; sound; color
Director: Hima B.
Producers: San Francisco Asian Pacific Island Parents & Friends of Lesbians and Gays (SF-A/PI PFLAG) and The Living Well Project

One Filipino and three Chinese families and their gay & lesbian children engage in dialogue about shame, grief, love, growth, living with HIV/AIDS, the acceptance of homosexuality by family members, & the cultural perceptions of homosexuality. The Gay Asian Pacific Alliance in San Francisco awarded this documentary with the 1997 George Choy Memorial Award.

Featuring:  the Baos, the Lews, the Mobley-Wileys, & the Yees

contact: Asian and Pacific Islander Family Pride

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